The Joy of the Fiddle

To my mind, there is hardly an instrument that brings more joy to the soul than a fiddle. That’s right. A fiddle. Now, perhaps I’m biased because of my southern roots, but I say that a fiddle is the most downright toe-tappin’ instrument on the planet. What other instrument makes you want to get up and dance like the fiddle? Exactly.

One of my favorite CDs of all time is by Natalie MacMaster (her official website); her Live double CD released in 2002. It’s simply incredible. I highly recommend it for those who, possessed of right reason, love a good fiddle. Being from Cape Breton in Canada her style is distinctive to that particular region. It’s almost a blend between the American south and traditional Celtic, but certainly more Celtic. Below are two videos that show off her remarkable talent. Unfortunately, the quality could be better, but you get the idea. Plus she’s a Catholic girl. That makes her a Catholic artist and thus applicable to the stated intention of this blog.



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