Support the University of San Diego

A Catholic University has made the wonderful decision to defend Catholic teaching.

In July the University of San Diego decided to rescind its appoint of a rather unorthodox theologian to an honorary chair of theology. The theologian in question has served on the board of Catholics for Choice, and advocates the ordination of women to the priesthood and homosexual marriage; all of which are contrary to consistently clear Catholic teaching. Not surprisingly, USD is taking some heat for rescinding the appointment. A petition in protest of the University’s decision has been presented with a little over 2,000 signatures, including at least 50 from faculty members! Despite the petition in protest, the University is standing firm. In the past couple of days, Thomas Peters from the American Papist blog and Brian McDaniel from Ora et Labora have teamed up to start a petition in support of USD. The goal is to have 4,000 signatories – twice what the opposing petition could muster – by the first day of class at the University, September 3. The opposing petition campaigned for a month to get its 2,000 signatures. Peters and McDaniel are looking for twice that number in less than 15 days. They need your help!

Sign the Petition. It only takes a few seconds. Let us show our support for the University of San Diego as it takes this stand in defense of Catholic teaching.

Read the story from the California Catholic Daily.


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