Historic VP Choice for the GOP

Well, here we go. All the blogosphere is a-buzz, along with the usual suspects in the media. Around 10:00 am EST, it leaked that John McCain had selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. A virtual unknown in the political arena, Palin is very much known in her home state as a tough defender of ethics and political reform. And oh by the way, she’s staunchly pro-life. John McCain, the self-styled maverick, has chosen a maverick to be by his side. Or at least, that’s the image the GOP will want to present.

Much of the media seems to have been blind sided by the selection of Palin. As a result, the McCain camp is now being credited for masterful “headfakes” in the selection of a VP. This has essentially served to retake the spotlight from Obama, who was enjoying a nice boost in the wake of a largely successful Democratic National Convention. In my opinion, this was a brilliant move by McCain and the GOP. There really is no downside to the selection of Palin for VP, as Jack Kelly points out (h/t Thomas @ AmP). At first I was concerned about Palin’s utter lack of experience, but as several blog commentators have pointed out, the last thing Obama wants to talk about is inexperience. I suspect, this will eventually serve to neutralize the inexperience of Obama charge by McCain. The Obama camp is already pointing out Palin’s lack of experience, but I take this to be a “well she’s inexperienced too” payback for John McCain’s constant accusations of inexperience towards Obama. It’s a charge by the Democrats that shouldn’t stick. The Democrats have an inexperienced candidate for the Presidency. The GOP has an inexperienced candidate for the Vice-Presidency. I don’t think it’s a path the Obama camp will want to go down for very long, but we shall see.

Clearly, McCain will own the “maverick” and the “I will shake up Washington” image. Obama has tried that tactic for well over a year now with his message of “change”, but compared to a McCain-Palin ticket, Obama-Biden looks awfuly pedestrian and par for the course. Obama will now need to adjust his image. Certainly, he will never stop with his message of change and “yes we can” – it’s his schtick – but if he continues to rely solely on that image, the Democratic Party will blow another election. I still can’t believe they blew it in 2004.

As for Palin, here’s what she had to say as she accepted the offer to join McCain on the GOP ticket:



Well, with just a couple of months until the election this race will be interesting to watch. With the Republican National Convention starting on Monday, the country will get to know Palin as the week rolls on. She’s an interesting – and brilliant – pick no matter how you slice it. She brings in the pro-lifers who are (rightly) suspect of John McCain. She adds tremendous credibility to his image as a maverick. Her inexperience won’t hurt as much as it normally would given Obama’s lack of the same. She’s reportedly quick on her feet, and tenacious when challenged – the VP debate will be oh so fun! She has the potential to bring in a significant amount of women voters who are undecided. And this will serve to undermine the accusation that McCain is sexist. She has a son who is headed to Iraq, and a very compelling personal story overall. She comes across as a very devoted mother of five children and wife, as you can see in the video and will read in numerous accounts of her life. The image of wife and mother is something Hillary was never able to pull off – if she was trying to pull it off at all. Also by selecting a woman for VP, the GOP has stolen the thunder from the “historic” nature of the Obama bid for the Presidency. I don’t see much down-side here for McCain.

And no, I am not a Republican – or a Democrat for that matter. But as Presidential politics go, this is pretty exciting no matter what your political leanings. Watch the Catholic and Pro-Life blogs in the coming days. The conversation is sure to be very interesting and enthusiastic.

As always head over to the American Papist blog for the latest on this story and more. Thomas Peters is always on top of it, and one of the best sources for news and current events from a Catholic perspective. I will gladly let him follow this story from here on out.


7 Responses to “Historic VP Choice for the GOP”

  1. 1 Mark August 29, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    Re-printed from the AmP combox, this commenter has an interesting point worth considering:

    Wow! I am amazed that orthodox Catholics like so many of you, above, would have this reaction to Sarah Palin. Under other circumstances, a woman like her would be an outstanding choice. But under current circumstances, she is a terribly wrong choice! Why? Because she should be a stay-at-home Mom, taking care of her five kids — especially the handicapped newborn.

    Good heavens! How could any sane, informed Catholics approve of MRS. Palin taking on a 16-hour-per-day job — even FURTHER depriving her husband and family of her time and attention than she already (improperly) does as a governor?

    I was born in 1951. During the ’50s and ’60s, almost all Catholics (including all priests and bishops) would have SCREAMED against the idea of a mom of five being a governor, never mind a vice president! They would have done it not because she was a woman, but because of her duties as a MOTHER!

    The fact that decent folks like so many of you are showing no sign of objecting just goes to show how much radical feminism has damaged society. It does not even cross your (young) minds that Mrs. Palin should be at home, because you have been exposed to so many years of moms unnecessarily working! Mrs. Palin has a husband who has a good job! She doesn’t need to work away from home!

    Please pray about this and then revise your positions, fellow Catholics.

    NO woman with pre-adolescent children who doesn’t NEED to work outside the home should be doing so. I am certain that God disapproves of what Sarah Palin is doing. I feel so terribly sorry for her husband and kids.

  2. 2 Mark August 29, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Pertaining to the above re-printed comment, Palin’s husband may be a stay at home dad. I don’t know, but I suspect he is. Of course, being “certain” that God disapproves of anything is a bit presumptuous…

  3. 3 billie August 30, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    As a working mother with three children whose been chastised at times for working outside the home… I struggle with ways to contain work to less than eight hours a day and the rest of the time is spent with my children. Indeed, for the first years of each of their lives, I did not spend even one night away from them. Then, any travelling for work was limited – and never more that two nights away. I have a two year old whom I still nurse.

    How, will she be able to care for this child. I understand and admire that her husband is involved but what about a child’s need for and attachment to their mother.

    This is troubling. And sends and overthetop message about the mother than can do it all. There are limits.

  4. 4 Mark August 31, 2008 at 9:23 am


    It’s certainly a valid point to make. The one who made the above comment in the AmP combox is taking quite a beating, mostly for the tone and the dogmatic approach that was taken. Nonetheless, the point is very much worth considering. Stay at home dads are great, I suppose, but the role reversal where the dad becomes the mother figure and the mom takes on the father figure is problematic.

  5. 5 billie September 2, 2008 at 9:31 am

    Turns out the infant isn’t the only one of her children who is desperately going to need more of Gov. Palin’s emotional support and attention. Now is probably NOT the best time to be taking on this kind of responsibility.

  6. 6 Mark September 2, 2008 at 11:27 am


    I think you’re right. As much as I love Palin, her being a mother and a more than full time politician seems insane. If she can do both, God bless her, but I suspect she cannot. Something has to give, and unfortunately it will be her family. This is one of the reasons the Catholic Church will not allow priests to marry. If one has a family, it is difficult to fully be a priest and shepherd for the local Church. In the case of the priest, the family would logically come first. However, in Palin’s case the Vice Presidency would have to come first because it will demand so much of her time.

    Of course, the Palin children will have their father, but that is hardly the same as having a mother. Fathers are great, but they are not maternal. This gift in its fullness lies in the female person alone. As JPII says, the difference in our sexuality and thus “motherhood” and “fatherhood” is ontological. It runs soul deep. The role of a father and that of a mother are not the same. They can’t be even if tried.

  7. 7 sue langstaff September 8, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Well, Dick Cheney seems to think Palin can handle the duties of VP just fine.

    He seems to have plenty of time for family.

    Palin and her family will probably have a more optimal environment for their family’s needs than they do now as she serves as Governor.

    She will be close to family at all times, except when she travels, there will be enough resources to have all the help they need; in large families the older children are part of the nurturing component also. All in all, she will probably have more time with her children, expecially in light of the fact that they have a great family dynamic already.

    It’s one “helluva” lot better than the “day ophanages,”(GK Chesterton’s term,) most children get tossed into everyday as their mothers head off to work!

    She’s what this country needs right now as VP, God will take care of her and her family because she has already given her “fiat” to Him by welcoming Trig into the world with open loving arms. God’s speed to her!

    And, she will provide what has been so sorely lacking in all the “conventional wisdom,” to this point…..a TRUE feminist! She’s showing up the NOW, Steinems of the world for what they really are–abortion advocates, nothing more.

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