Quick! Throw in the Pork!

Wanna see what “pork” looks like in a bill? This from the now famous (or infamous) $700 billion “Bail Out Bill” passed by Congress today, which was hastily signed into law by President Bush:

H.R. 1424

Flip to pdf page 270 and scroll down to Title III Extension of Business Tax Provisions. Seems innocuous enough, but each of these extensions represent a total of over a billion dollars for various “special interest” groups. And this is your tax money by the way. And this from a government that is over 10 trillion dollars in debt.

I read the original draft of this bill that was released last Sunday night, and none of this was in there. In fact, the bill was about a quarter of the size that it is now. The original draft was all red meat and potatoes, if you will. No pork. So what happened? All of this pork was added in to sway votes in Congress, and it obviously worked. No wonder why so many Americans are fed up with politics.

Honestly. Why aren’t we outraged? Shouldn’t we be?

And really. Do you think McCain or Obama will fix this? Of course they won’t. Maverick. Change. Please, don’t insult us.

Once again we’ll go to the ballot box this November and vote for who we think is the lesser of two evils. Then come January, after a plethora of hope-filled speeches by the new President and his cronies, it will be back to the same old thing in Washington. Different President. Same crap.


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