Fr. Neuhaus, 1936-2009

Unless, you’ve stayed away from blogs (and the religious news outlets) today you already know that Fr. Richard John Neuhaus has died at the age of 72. As an avid reader of First Things, I can’t even put into words how much he has meant to me in developing an intellectual understanding of my faith. He was also one of my absolute favorite writers. His wit and cunning with a pen was rarely matched. Lucky for us, his legacy will live on in the pages of FT, as many of his writings are still available online. Do yourself a favor.

Editor of FT, Joseph Bottum has some very moving words noting the passing of Fr. Neuhaus, you can find here. Fr. Neuhaus is truly irreplaceable.

I also note that his passing comes on the heals of his dear friend, Avery Cardinal Dulles. What glorious reunion is being had between those two great friends and churchmen. Now that is a happy thought.

Resquiat in pace Father Richard John Neuhaus.


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