Come and Get It!

Your worthless journalism of the day.

It’s really hard to take Fox News seriously when this is what they have on their website’s homepage:


Here is the link to the worthless story that is linked with the picture. I call attention to this because it is so confounding. They do a poll (not a Fox News poll, mind you – they just report; you decide) by asking people who their hero is. This is not a pick a name off the list thing – that may have been a tick more worthwhile – but an “interactive” poll. I am a devout Christian (if I do say so myself), but if you were to talk to me about whom I admire, I may mention many people; and Jesus is likely not one of them. I tend to put Him in the God/Savior/Almighty/Transcendent category, not the (merely) heroic category.

This is where my un-evangelical-ness (how’s that for a triple hyphenated word!) comes out. I tend to cringe when I hear things like “Jesus is my friend” especially when these words are put into what they call “praise and worship” music. I suppose Jesus is my friend, if that is the only alternative to enemy. But I prefer to think of Him as one in being with the Father, God from God, Light from Light, that sort of thing. It just makes me feel better and less blasphemous. When I walk into church, I genuflect before my Lord and King, not my friend. Jesus as my BFF just doesn’t fit too well within the Catholic ethos, gladly. I know. Catholics are uptight.

But I have digressed (a lot). To take this to a close (and quickly), so what do we eagerly learn from this “poll”? Obama is more popular than Jesus and the Beatles. Wowser! Obama must be really popular, which means he must be really great. People like him. Isn’t that so nice.


UPDATE: I add this because  what I wrote above can be taken the wrong way. Evangelical is much too broad of a term. I hope the flippancy with which I wrote speaks for itself. What I wrote was not meant to be a swipe at Evangelicalism, a cross-section of Christianity with which I have much in common – even some of that “praise and worship” music. However, I still prefer a Chris Tomlin song about “How great is our God” (which would be proper worship) to a song about “Jesus is my friend” (which doesn’t sound like worship at all).


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